Jesse, Maria and Charles went to the local craft store to purchase supplies for making decorations for the upcoming dance at the high school. Jesse purchased three sheets of craft paper, four boxes of markers and five glue sticks. His bill, before taxes, was 24.40 €. Maria spent 30.40 € when she bought six sheets of craft paper, five boxes of markers and two glue sticks. Charles’s purchases totaled 13.40 € when he bought three sheets of craft paper, two boxes of markers and one glue stick. Determine the unit cost of each item.


One sheet of craft paper costs 1.75 €, one box of markers costs 3.60 € and a glue stick costs 0.95 €
Exercise. solve the following problems:
1) A supermarket customer has paid a total of 156 € for 24 litres of milk, 6 kg of ham and 12 litres of olive oil. Calculate the price of each item, knowing that 1 litre of oil costs three times the price of 1 litre of milk and 1 kg of ham costs the same as 4 litres of oil and 4 litres of milk.
2) A video store specializes in films in the following three genres: children, western and horror. It is known that:

- 60% of children movies plus 50% of the westerns account for 30% of all movies.

- 20% of the children, 60% of the westerns and 60% of the horror films account for half of all films in the video store.

- There are 100 more western movies than children movies.

Find the number of films in each genre.




Solutions: 1) milk 1 €, ham 16 €, olive oil 3€; 2) 500 children movies, 600 western movies, 900 horror movies

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