Solving non-right triangles

- Case 1: knowing one side and its adjacent angles.

Example: a = 6,4    B = 550    C = 820

- Case 2: two sides and an angle that is opposite one of them.

Example: a = 6,2    b = 7,4    A = 480

- Case 3: two sides and the angle between them.

Example:a = 5,6    b = 4,7    C = 690

- Case 4: all three sides.

Example: a = 7,3    b = 6,2    c = 5,4


Example: two high power towers, A and B, have a lake between them. We use an auxilar point, C, to measure the distance between them and we obtain that AC = 33 metres, BC = 45 metres and the angle C = 730. Calculate the distance between the towers.




1.- In 1977, men threw into space a probe for planetary research, called Voyager 2. After navigating across space for two years, it got to Jupiter's system. In that moment, the Voyager 2 was 500·106 km away from Earth. The distance from Jupiter to Earth was 628.8·106 km, and the angle between the observation directions of the planet and the space probe was 10o. Calculate the distance that there was between the Voyager and Jupiter.

2.- From a point A we can see other two, B and C, with an angle of 52o29'. We know that the distance between B and C is 450 m, and between A and B is 500 m . Find out the distance between A and C.



Solutions: 1) 161.69·106 km; 2) 517.14 m

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