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Real Numbers

There are numbers that we can’t express as the quotient of other two numbers as:

These numbers are called Irrational Numbers, and if we add them to the Rational Numbers we obtain the Real Numbers, , which we can represent in a straight line. This line is called the real number line:

To represent some of these numbers,we use the Pythagorean Theorem:          





Now, we have these sets of numbers:


Exercise 1: True or false

Decide if the following sentences are true or false:

Pregunta 1

a) -2 is not a Rational Number


Remember that all the Whole Numbers are Rationals

Pregunta 2

b) π/2 is a Irrational Number


If we divide by 2 a Irrational Number, we obtain another Irrational Number

Pregunta 3

c) is NOT a Real Number


The result is -2

Pregunta 4

4.- All the Natural Numbers are Complex Numbers


The Naturals are Whole Numbers, they are Rationals, they are Real Numbers and they are Complex Numbers

 Exercise 2: Represent in the Real Number line: