Systems of equation

A polynomial equation of degree 1 with one or several unknowns is called a linear equation:

All the linear equations have this form:

         a1x1 + a2x2 + …..+ anxn = b

where a1,a2,…, an,b are real numbers and x1, x2, ….., xn are unknowns or variables

If b = 0 it is called a homogeneous equation.
A solution of the equation is a set of values of the variables, x1 = k1, x2 = k2,…., xn = kn, which converts the equation into a numerical equality.
A system of m linear equations with n unknowns is a set of m linear equations with n unknowns given together with the target of determining the common solution/s of all of them. It has the form:

Where x1,x2,…….xn are the variables and aij, bi are real numbers, i = 1,2….m, j = 1,2,….n

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