1. The double of my age minus 7 years is the age of my older brother, who is 19 years old. Find out my age.

2. If, in a bar, a bun costs one euro more than a sandwich, and we pay 11 € for 3 sandwiches and 2 buns. How much does each bun cost? And each sandwich?

3. In a triangle, the smallest angle is 20o less than the middle angle, and the largest angle is twice the middle one. Find all the angles.

4. The base of a rectangle is 8 cm greater than the height, and the perimeter measures 56 cm. How much do the base and the height measure?


Exercises: solve the following problems and check the solutions:

1.-  Calculate a number such that if we add to it its previous number and its following number, the result is 114.

2.- A truck goes out of the city at 60 km/h. Two ours later, a car runs after the truck at 100 km/h. How long does it take the car to reach the truck?





Solutions: 1) 114; 2) 5 and 3 hours

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