A polynomial is the addition or subtraction of monomials. If we only have two monomials, we call it binomial and, if we have three, we call it trinomial.

The degree of a polynomial is the biggest degree of its monomials.


3x + y is a binomial of degree 1

x2 – 3x + 2 is a trinomial of degree 2

a + 3b – 5ab + 8abc is a polynomial of degree 3



Exercise: classify these polynomials and indicate its degree:

a) x7 - 3x2 + 15

b) a7b2 + a11b

c) x2y3z5 + x3y2z3 - xyz12 - x12yz2



Solutions: a) Trinomial of degree 7; b) Binomial of degree 12; c) Polynomial of degree 15


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