1.- Classify this triangle:

a) Scalene acute triangle

b) Scalene right-angled triangle

c) Scalene obtuse triangle

d) Isosceles right-angled triangle

2.- Decide which of the following sentences is true:

a) The three perpendicular bisectors converge at a point called incenter

b) The three altitudes converge at a point called center of mass

c) The three angle bisectors converge at a point called circumcenter

d) The geometric barycenter is the center of mass of the triangle

3.- Classify this quadrilateral:

a) Rhombus

b) Parallelogram

c) Square

d) Trapezium

4.- If the catheti of a right triangle measure 18 and 24 cm, the hypotenuse measures:

a) 15.87 cm

b) 30 cm

c) 28 cm

d) 29.16 cm

5.- If one of the cathetus of a right triangle measures 10 m, and the hypotenuse measures 26 m, the other cathetus measures:

a) 24 m

b) 27.85 m

c) 30 m

d) 20.11 m

6.- The diagonal of a rectangle whose base is 10 m and the height is 5 metres is:

a) 11 m

b) 12 m

c) 11.18 m

d) 12.27 m

7.- The area of this paralelogram is:

a) 30 cm2

b) 15 cm2

c) 120 cm2

d) 60 cm2

8.- And its perimeter is:

a) 36 cm

b) 34 cm

c) 17 cm

d) None of them

9.- The perimeter of this trapezium is:

a) 46 cm

b) 48 cm

c) 40 cm

d) 42 cm

10.- The area of the purple zone of this figure is:

a) 1.62 m2

b) 3.14 m2

c) 2.35 m2

d) None of them

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